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by posted 10/22/2020

Good morning team,

Just wanted to send an update on a couple different things..

As of current we only have 2 sponsors for our hoodies (Eielson Fire Dept, and Pathology Consultants).... We need AT LEAST two more in order to get our team these hoodies... Ideally we would LOVE to have all 8 sponsors so our out of pocket expenses for tournaments/activities... HCF was also given a couple fundraising oppourtunities with Papa Murphy's Pizza and I would love to get some input from parents on if this is something you would be interested in... they are as follows:


  • REGISTER NIGHT: this is where you would work with the store to designate a specific night where your team will promote people buying pizza at either location. The team will get 20% of regular (no discounts used in the sale) sales from both stores! From the team perspective you would commit to advertising via social media, emails and such.


  • BULK ORDERS: this is an opportunity for teams to take orders for pizzas to have available on a certain day/time for pick up. Your team will get 20% of the sales. For this fundraiser you would make up an order form with 5-6 pizza choices, pre-sell the pizzas and then Papa Murphys will make the pizzas, separate them by order. You will pick them up from the store and have people pick them up from you. For example a team could sell pizzas for maybe a Saturday after a long day or hockey, or at the end of a tournament day, pick up the pizzas and have everyone pick up at the Big Dipper at 430pm or something similar to that.


  • PEEL A DEAL CARDS: These are cards that have deals for Papa Murphy’s pizza on them. Customers will save over 31.00 in pizza deals and the cards are ONLY 5.00. Your team will pay 1.00 per card, so the team/player benefits 4.00 per card, which is a great return!! These cards do not expire and can be used in any store in Alaska.

Personally I think the Cards would be best that way we can sell at our own pace. But any and all input is appreciated. Please text me and let me know :) 907-378-6043

We do not have any scheduled games as of yet for this weekend, but since our practices are at UAF we need to know if your player will NOT be attending so we can have more coaches on the ice. Please text me and let me know by tomorrow, (Friday) morning. 

Thanks to everyone who helped last weekend! It's definitely getting a lot easier and the process is going smoother. Please remember that each player is allowed TWO spectators at the game... the only way to have more people attend is to volunteer! This is great for co-parenting families :) Ideally we will need at LEAST 5 people a game volunteering... Duties assigned are: Penalty Box, Temps, Directing kids/parents, Sanitizing (2) and possibility of clock. If you would like to volunteer for any of these please let me know the Wednesday before the scheduled game TEXT is easiest way to reach me because I get it immediately...

I know this is a lot... Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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Mouth guards!
by posted 10/16/2020

Hey team!
Just a FYI in case this is your 1st year playing 12U... players must have mouth guards! And they cannot be clear. You can buy these at play it again, I’ve seen them at Walmart... or even through your dentist. Please let me know if you need help getting your player one before this weekend 😊

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UAF Nanook Health Questionnaire (Covid)
by posted 09/28/2020

Before entering the UAF Patty Ice Arena, you must fill out and submit this form:

UAF Nanook Recreation Health Questionnaire

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