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Clock and scoresheet information
by posted 02/01/2023

On the HCF webite in the Resources tab there is a clock Simulator.  Please try it out and at practices the clocks can be practiced on.  With State coming up if we are not the team playing volunteers will be needed for scoresheet and clock.

 Thank you all!



  1. Turn the scoreboard power on; the switch is on the back of the control board. Top left of clock simulator click on power button.
  2. Do not continue the previous game, hit the CLEAR Button.
  3. The code is already registered in the scoreboard so just hit the ENTER button.
  4. It dose not matter if the tenths of a second are on or off, so hit the ENTER button.


  1. Hit the SET MAIN CLOCK button.
  2. Type in the time and hit the ENTER button. . Ex. 5 minutes, type in 5000. (check the display on the scoreboard control)
  3. To run the time hit the START button, To stop the time hit the STOP button.
  4. To enter the periods, hit the PERIOD+  button until you have the desired period on the scoreboard.
  5. To reset the time after a period hit the SET TIME button and then the ENTER button. The pervious period time will be entered automatically. If you need to enter a different time length repeat steps 1 & 2 with the new time.


  1. Hit the PLAYER/PENALTY button.
  2. Hit the ENTER button.
  3. Type in the player number. (will not show on some scoreboards)
  4. Hit the ENTER button.
  5. Type in the penalty time. Ex. A 1:30 penalty, hit 130. (Double check the scoreboard control display)
  6. Hit the ENTER button.


  1. Hit the PLAYER/PENALTY button.
  2. Hit the UP ARROW key until the penalty you need to remove shows on the scoreboard control display.
  3. Hit the CLEAR button.
  4. Hit the ENTER button.

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