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12U players are at a crucial development age, the “Golden Age of Skill Development”. Hockey sense and individual skills should make up 90% of practices. That focus on fundamental skills and teaching concepts through small area games. While positions are become more defined, players should are encouraged to continue to developing as a complete hockey player not to fill a specific role. The work to rest ratio increases to a 1:2 ratio as players start to exert themselves more during drills.


12U Week 1- Back to basics

12U Week 2- Offense 1

12U Week 3- Offense 2

12U Week 4- BO 1

12U Week 5- BO 2

12U Week 6- Angling 1

12U Week 7- Angling 2

12U Week 8- FC

12U Week 9- Defense 1

12U Week 10- Defense 2

12U Week 11- BC

12U Week 12- Transitions

12U Week 13- ZE 1

12U Week 14- ZE 2

12U Week 15- PP

12U Week 16- PK

12U Week 17- OZ.DZ

12U Week 18- Angling.FC

12U Week 19- BO.BC

12U Week 20- ZE.Transition

12U Week 21- PP.PK

12U Week 22- SAG