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From Coach Mark Norum - Ice time

Hello Everyone!  

I miss each and every one of you.  

I have 5 sheets of ice scheduled for the following:
5/17 @ 7-8 PM
5/24 @ 7-8 PM
5/31 @ 7-8 PM
6/7 @ 7-8 PM
6/14 @ 7-8 PM

If I have 20 skaters, Adult and Child, we could have a skills session and scrimmage for a cost of $50.00 each.
Is there interest?

Let me know ASAP your interest and number of skaters.  Please reply in the Team WHATS APP Chat.  


Coach Mark

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Team Norum: End of Season Party

Hello Team Norum!

Just a reminder, this Saturday, April 1st, is our End of Season Party.  

Part 1:  6-7pm Axe Throwing @ Alaska Axe Co.  To maximize our one hour reservation, complete your waiver online (akaxeco.com) for each participant and arrive early as they will need to verify all waivers.  

Part 2:  7-9pm HCF Team/Family potluck and games, etc at the HCF Clubhouse.   

Potluck: Please go to What's App and reply as to what type of dish you will be bringing so we don't all bring desserts.  If you need to drop off your HOT potluck item at the clubhouse on your way to the axe throwing (so it can stay warm in the oven), please text me at 907-347-5465.

See you Saturday!





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UAF Outdoor Rink FUN Skate & Fire Pit for Team and Friends
Fun Team and friends activity Tomorrow. 
WHEN & WHERE: Monday, March 13, 6-8pm @ UAF Outdoor Rink.  
WHAT: Fun games on the ice;  obstacle course, freeze tag, Simon says, frisbee skate, etc.
FIRE PIT and S’MORE’s.  
BRING a friend, hockey helmet/stick, camp chairs if you want to sit. 
DRESS in warm clothes (not hockey gear).  
Parents are welcome to skate or hang out. 
Hosted by Leonelli Family.  RSVP if possible.

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2023 EOS Grid 14UB
  Game1 Game2 Game 3 GF GA Points
Mann 2 2 2     6
Norum 0 0 0     0
Reinheller 2 0 2     4
Roth 0 2 0     2

Managers - please contact Audra after each of your games & she will update the grid

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2023 EOS Playoffs

14U B End of Season Playoff Schedule

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Hotel link for President day tournament expires Jan 18

President's Day Invitational Tournament - January 10-12, Anchorage 


Hotel link expires tomorrow, January 18.  Be sure to book your hotel by tomorrow if you want to stay with the team at the rate of $139. There’s no guarantee that rooms will be available after tomorrow.  Let me know if you have questions.

Valerie Leonelli 


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PRESIDENTS Day Invitational (PDI): 14UB Team Norum
Hi TEAM parents!  
In February, Team Norum will be participating in the President's Day Invitational Tournament.  I’m hoping you saw the email we sent on December 4 with some details for ALL upcoming tournaments, including Fairbanks Fest, Presidents Day and the State tournament.  In case you didnt see it, this email will primarily be about the PDI tournament in February (and also save the date for State).  This information will also be posted on our Team News Bulletin on the HCF website.
After talking with many of you, it sounds like most players are able to attend this tournament, but it would be helpful if you could let me know if your player will be attending the PDI tournament. I will send out a RSVP Poll in WhatsAPP.   Please NOTE the deadline to take advantage of the special hotel rate before the deadline.
Date: February 10-12
Location:  Anchorage
Deadline to book : January 18.  After that date, reserved rooms will be released back into inventory.


We have a special rate of $139 plus tax at the Springhill Suites Midtown.  It’s a great location, includes breakfast and there’s a pool too. It’s fun if the team can stay at the same hotel, if at all possible and for all sorts of good reasons, but you are welcome to make accommodations elsewhere.  

We’ll be primarily be using WhatsApp to communicate while in Anchorage, so now would be a good time to start using it if you haven’t been already.  If you need me to send you another invitation to the what’sApp team chat, please let me know. 


All four 14UB teams are attending PDI. All teams will have their own goalie.  Ours is Elliot Malloy 12UA -THANKS ELLIOT !!  
We are hoping to do one team activity and/or a team dinner. 
STATE TOURNAMENT - Participating 14UB Team is determined by playoff games.  Save the date in case our team ends up going.  
Date:  March 17-20
Location:  MatSu Valley (Wasilla/Palmer area)
Hotel:  To be determined

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FairbanksFest Tournament Schedule and Game Duties

FairbanksFest Tournament - January 13-16.  

We are anticipating this tournament to be really fun and a great learning experience for players.  Parents, you are welcome to bring team snacks and/or drinks for after any games (maybe send out a note in WhatsApp).  Charlie will be doing the after game spotlight so keep a lookout for where he will be following each game.   

Please let me know if your player will NOT be at specific games so Coach Norum can plan accordingly. 

Below is a link to the game schedule and game duties.  Look over the schedule to see where you have been assigned.  If you cannot fullfill your game duty, it is important since this is a tournament, that you find a qualified replacement (please keep me informed).  


NOTE:  We also have team concessions on Saturday evening after our tournament.  It was the only available open slot to earn more funds for February's Presidents Day Invitational Tournament.  Any activity like this can be really fun when you bring your smiles and a great attitude :-).   More details to come and concession assignments in a separate email.  

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14UB Norum - Mandatory Parent/Player Mtg and Dryland

The New Dryland Facility is ready to go!  

Team Norum is privileged to be the FIRST team to use this facility at our mandatory Parent and Player Meeting Monday, January 9th at 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Since we'll have Pizza and salad for both parents and players, we'll have dryland first and eat after that.   Bring water and dress for dryland activities.  HCF Clubhouse/Dryland facility is at 3111 Davis Road.


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Sunday Practice 11:00am Nov 27
Please NOTE we have an unusual practice time tomorrow (Sunday) at 11:00am at Polar Ice.  
Also, Team Roth has invited our players to join their practice at 9:45 am (just before ours).  They have several missing players so will be some nice back to back ice time for anyone wanting to take advantage of this time.  Coach Ben Roth will be there for anyone wanting to show up.

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50/50 Ice Dogs Team Event - Friday Nov 25
50/50 Team Event Instructions
TOP SELLER PRIZE:  2 Movie Tickets and Stick tape
** Players wear game jersey **
5:30-5:45pm ARRIVE at Big Dipper.  Players and parents go to the front of the line and tell them you're with the 50/50 group.  
Take a left up the stairs and find the 50/50 table on the WET side.  
5:45-6:00pm Pizza for the team and helpers (tidy up before 6:30pm when gates open).
6:00pm Orientation starts - Receive instruction and be ready to sell (Ice Dogs will be supporting us throughout the event)  
6:40pm Flag Skaters/Player of the Week - Get ready in the yellow (women's) lockeroom.
     Flag skaters: AJ Gibson and Hayden Jusczak (Bring Skates and Helmet)
     Player of the Week:  Alan Bulgar (Dress in full gear)
NEED to KNOW tid bits:  
Parents:  one parent per 2 players, player must be nearby you and must be within eyesight at all times.  
Please do not drink anything while actively selling tickets with the kids. Keep kids moving along actively selling with good manners.
Parents handle the cash buckets and also help players give back correct change, etc.. If there is a shortage of funds when everything is accounted for, funds will be taken out of our team proceeds.  
Players:  Use good manners and speak clearly and ALWAYS say "thank you" even if they did not purchase tickets.  
You may go up and down the rows of seats during intermission and also when game play has been stopped. 
Intermissions are the busiest ticket selling times, so please use this time to sell tickets and NOT to take a break or stand in the concession lines during this time.  
DO NOT MIX money between buckets or tables.  
Team Norum Parent Coordinators:  Christina Study & Valerie Leonelli 

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TEAM PHOTOS - Rescheduled to Wednesday, Nov 16 @ 7pm at the HCF Dryland Facility (3111 Davis Rd)
Dress in FULL GEAR (BLACK JERSEYS) without helmets but WITH SKATES (fake ice will be used) 
For effeciency, come fully dressed.  You can dress on site, providing you wear base layer.  
INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS:  You should have received a link to sign up for individual photos, if not, use the following link to schedule a time that is convenient for you and your player: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0C44AAAE2EABF4C25-hockey
PAYMENT:  You should have received an email from Kate photography with an access code for your player.  Use this to purchase a $20 AdvancedPay credit towards your team and/or individual photos. 
Let me know if you have any questions.

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14UB Norum - November Game Duties


*If you are not able to fulfill your scheduled game duty, please find a replacement and let me (Valerie) know who will be taking your place.  


Saturday, Nov 5th

7pm @ UAF

Scoresheet: Olalde

Penalty Box:  Conant

Visitors: Black Jerseys


Friday, November 11

7pm @ North Pole Polar Ice  

Clock: Berkland

Penalty Box: St. Aubyn

Home:  White Jerseys


Saturday, November 19

4:30pm @ UAF

Scorescheet: Jusczak

Penalty Box: Geffe

Visitors: Black Jerseys


Clock and scoresheet tutorials have been posted in the Whatsapp feed to help you prepare for your duty.  :-). Let me know if you need help.



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Game Duties

Hello Team Norum!

Please note that a game was added to our schedule:  this Saturday, Nov 5 @UAF -- 7pm.

Parent Game Duties: Are now assigned early in the month and will be reflected in the team event calendar.  If you are not able to fulfill your scheduled duty, please find a replacement and let me know who will be taking your place.  I will post some game duty resources in the Whatsapp for help with clock and scoresheet game duties so you can review them as needed prior to your duty.  This does help you feel more prepared for your duty.  Of course, if you need more help, please let me know. 

After Game PRESS Conference:  After most games, there will be a "press conference" where Coach Norum will spotlight a player and make note of game highlights We will be attempting to use a bluetooth speaker so parents are more apt to hear what's being said, however, some rinks have too much interference and it will be hard to hear so formulating a small crowd might be a good idea and would also help set the "press conference" atmosphere.  Charlie Leonelli will be facilitating this after game activity, so please gravitate to his location for the most optimal listening spot.  Please bear with us as we work out some kinks while we help make the press conference fun and memorable.  

Happy Friday!




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Team Norum Activities & Hoodies

Hey Team Norum ! 

If you have any suggestions for a group activity or volunteer opportunities that the team could participate in, please share them with me (Valerie). It could be volunteering at the food bank, shoveling snow for someone in need, a nerf war (maybe against a rival), kick ball (snow kick ball), movie night, roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, learning a new skill, etc.  We have a whole team of young sponges eager to learn from mentors, gain life experiences and develop good character that will help them succeed in their future.  Win!-Win!

Also, to follow up with Brian’s email regarding recruitment for the Hoodie Sponsor Fundraiser.  It has multiple purposes in that it helps our team participate in tournaments/ team extra fun, it's good advertising for the sponsor and it’s also fun for the player to sport around town (almost 24/7 for some kiddo’s).  My understanding is that the Hoodie’s are the most effective way to build team funds without having parents/players do multiple fundraisers.  Win!-Win! 

We need 3 more ($500) hoodie sponsors.  Some people may be deathly afraid of asking for sponsors, but let me help dispel any fears surrounding this.  I have found the following to be useful in my past experience with fund-raising:   

1. Many employers will offer sponsorships for their own employee's - all you need to do is inquire if it's an option.  There's no stress involved, all they can do is say no .... Or YES!   Most Industrial corporations and unions like to support our local youth. 

2.  There are many businesses who want to support Fairbanks youth teams but are never asked.  Don't say their "No" for them. 

3. Most companies really like to sponsor patrons who regularly do business with them.  It helps if your player can go with you, wearing a prior season's hoodie or jersey, so they can visibly see what they would be supporting.  Consider all the places you have been doing business with, perhaps for a very long time.  

4. "Sponsoring an HCF Team Jersey and/or Hoodie is the cheapest advertising you can find".  A quote spoken to me in the last couple of weeks by a contributor.  

Use this form 22-23 A&B Sponsorship Form.pdf and let Brian know if you have a request pending.  If we decide to do other fundraisers instead, that’s okay, just let Brian know your preference so we know how to proceed.  Have a fantastic day!

Valerie Leonelli  (907)347-5465 - 

Brian Robb  (907) 750-8810  - 

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14UB Team News

Hi Team!   A few things. 

Tonight's 8 pm Game:  Polar Rink - arrive at 7 pm for dryland prior to game.  Black Jersey's (away)

Game Duties: Scoresheet - Leonelli, Penalty Box - Berkland

SAVE THE DATE - Mark Your Calendars

 **CAP Team Fundraiser (Chuck-A-Puck): Oct 14th, UAF Nanooks Game.  Look for future correspondence for Brian Robb about this team activity. 


     Turkeyshoot - "opting out".   

     Fairbanks Fest (January 13-16) - Hosted in Fairbanks  

     Presidents Day (Feb 10-12) - Hosted in Anchorage

**GOLD KINGS MOVIE (FREE) Saturday, October 8th, 3pm at the Big Dipper.  HCF in conjunction with Hockey Hall of Fame and the Ice Dogs are hosting this event.  It is projected to end by around 5pm. There will be appearances by some of the original players and their families.  The Gold Kings were recently inducted into the Alaska Hockey Hall of Fame. The thought behind this event is to bring the past, present and future hockey players in Fairbanks together to celebrate the sport we all love. We encourage your players to wear their favorite jersey. 

I will have the tickets to hand out at tonight's game (come find me), although this is a FREE community wide event. 

Have a fantasitc day!




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Team Norum: Game Duties & Tid Bits

Hello Team Norum! 

A few tid bits for you to make note of.  Game Duties and team activites will typcially show up in your calendar feed but for now, I will be reaching out in other ways to try and get duties covered for these early games.  

Oct 1 Game Duties:  

Clock/Scoresheet:  Robb Family

Penalty Box:  Conant Family


Oct 3 Game Duties:  

Clock/Scoresheet:  Leonelli Family

Penalty Box: Berkland Family


Chuck-A-Puck Fund-raiser (also known as CAP):  Cancelled as it conflicted with our first scheduled game.  Look for future correspondence from Brian Robb, our other team co-manager, regarding future fundraising opportunites - briandrobb@yahoo.com

Player SOCKS: HCF has just received a new shipment of assorted sizes. If your player needs new socks for this season or would like a different size, please contact me.   

JERSEYS:   Have been ordered.  "Shout Out" to our Jersey Sponsors -- Aurora Animal Clinic (Cole Family) and Capozzoli Catering (Berkland Family).  Thank you so much for your generous gift in support of our team and the HCF community.  

For upcoming games, please have players bring both a black/dark colored AND white/light colored jersey until we receive our new ones.  Prior years HCF jersey's are great, if they still fit.     

Coaches Team UPDATE:  Be sure to read it ASAP as it covers important information.  Please contact me if you have questions or need clarification.  

Co-manager, Brian Robb, will be your point of contact for this Saturday's game as I will be out of town.


Valerie Leonelli




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Parent Info - 14UB Team Norum

Hello Team Norum!  

Great meeting most of you last week.  Hope you are enjoying these colorful fall days.  Here is a bit more info and some recap too.  Typically correspondence will be short and sweet but in the beginning of the season, there is a lot of info to get out.  
First practice will be Tuesday, 8pm at the Big Dipper.  Please RSVP using the SportsSignUp App (see below).
Team Communication:  HCF has provided an app that appears to be very functional for many teams so we will use this app to start the season off and go from there.  Please get the app from the App Store (SportsSignUp Play) or go the the HCF website and sign in, then click on the "New Free Team App” and follow the directions.  Please set this up as soon as possible so we can begin using it. **Please reply to Coach Norum’s message after you set it up.**  If you need help with this, please let me know. 
Jersey Sponsorship: It’s a 4 week turnaround process and we need one more Jersey sponsor ($500) before we can order the team Jersey's.   THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Cole family (Aurora Animal Clinic), for committing to be our first Jersey sponsor.  As soon as we secure both sponsors and receive their donation, we can place our order.  Please contact me if you have a sponsor or have questions.  
Fundraising:  More to come from Brian Robb   907-750-8810.  He’ll be reaching out to the team with more information about fundraising opportunities such as chuck-a-puck, 50/50, concessions, team hoodies, raffles, etc.  Our team is responsible for at least one mandatory concessions that will cover entry fee’s into Fairbanks Fest Tournament. 
Anyone can be a sponsor, make a contribution of any amount or create a fundraiser (with HCF pre-approval).  All fundraising and individual contributions go into our team funds and help offset tournament entry fee’s, Dryland, extra ice time, team functions, building team camaraderie, etc.  Email Brian if you have any fundraising ideas.  Let me know if you need a Sponsorship form.  
5% of all Corporate Sponsorship will be designated to the Scholarship Fund to help families in need be able to participate in HCF.   
Scholarships: Applications, due October 15, are on the HCF website. 
Socks:  If your player needs them, please contact me so I can get them to you.  
Locker Rooms:  Coach will go over team protocol prior to first game.   
Parent Duties:  You’ll be assigned game duties such as clock, scoresheet, and penalty box.  Duties will appear on the team calendar.  If you’re unable to fulfill your assignment, it is your responsible to find a replacement and let me know who is filling in for you.  There are helpful resources on the HCF website and you can also get familiar with the clock during team practices. 
    Locker room parents-we need (2-3):  This duty is simply having a presence in locker room or being within ear shot of the locker room to help monitor activity and foster appropriate chatter and interactions, primarily when Coach Norum isn’t in the locker room.  You’ll need to complete a background check (HCF will reimburse the $30 fee) and the Safesport online training course.  Let me know if you are interested asap.  
Optional Skills & Skating Sessions:  One Hour sessions are available for each division 3 times a month on Sunday through mid February.  
HCF SWAG:  Available on HCF Website > resources > merchandise.  Great way to support your player and your community.
Feel Free to Contact me with questions or send a question through the SportsSignUp Play App. 
Valerie Leonelli 

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