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Fairbanks, Alaska has a rich hockey tradition dating back to the early 1900’s when organized hockey began. For over a century Fairbanks has hosted a variety of organizations and levels of hockey including youth, girls, competitive, non-competitive, senior, junior and college. Fairbanks teams and players have experienced successes at the national and international levels as well.

Fairbanks is fortunate enough to currently host a NCAA Division 1 hockey program (UAF Nanooks) and a premier Junior A Hockey team (Fairbanks Ice Dogs) in our small northern city. These programs were built with many hours of hard work and dedication to the sport of hockey over the past 100 years. The programs that exist today are products of the past builders, players, coaches, parents, and fans of the game.

Fairbanks has a strong history of building the game and producing quality players, teams, coaches and referees and it is this strong history that will lead us into the next generation of our game.


Hockey Club Fairbanks is an association of member organizations that provides shared program and services to its members. The model will provide the most efficient implementation of specialized program and services to its members while reducing the time requirements on member organization board members and volunteers.

To offer the best youth hockey experience in Alaska for all players (and their families) at all levels and increase player and community participation in the sport. The objective is 20% more participation by year 2020.

Provide the long-term development of youth in Fairbanks by:

  •      Providing a positive and safe environment in which to learn and succeed in life and hockey;
  •      Implement USA Hockey ADM Model to provide on-ice and off-ice training that allows each player to maximize their potential;
  •      Impart passion and develop a lifelong love of the game;
  •      Promote the value of sport on our youth in Fairbanks;
  •      Provide trained, accountable coaches at every level of play;

In the pursuit of its Mission, HC Fairbanks holds true to its values of:

     1) Champions of Character – If all we do is teach hockey, we have missed a great opportunity

     2) Commitment to Excellence – Each member of the association should seek to perform to the highest level of his or her ability

     3) Enjoyment – The hockey experience should be fun, satisfying and rewarding for everyone.

     4) Respect – Treat the game, ourselves, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, volunteers, sponsors, parents and spectators as you would expect to be treated.

     5) Integrity – Do right regardless of cost or outcome.

     6) Leadership – Recognize we are ambassadors of the game and our players, coaches, and leaders actions reflect upon our organization, our community and our state.

     7) Sportsmanship – Association members should be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

     8) Fiscally Responsible – Operate honestly, openly and without individual personal financial gain.

     9) Transparency – Decision making and communications will be conducted with openness and candor.