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Hockey Club Fairbanks (HCF) welcome's you to the new hockey season, we're glad you're with us. Online payment for the upcoming season's tryout & assessment fees will be accepted using the HockeyClubFairbanks.com website. We've designed this process to be quick and painless on your end which helps expedite payments for future charges based on team designation and to keep information accurate and up to date on our end.  

Every now and then, you need some help.  So we've created this little help guide chock full of step by step instructions, some useful fee info, and who to call if you get stuck in order to make the registration process as seamless as possible.  


Step 1: Create an Account
To register for any current or future HCF seasons, you will need to create your own personal account within the HCF website (or login to an existing account from season's past). Your account with HCF will be saved for any future seasons you play with us, so new account creation is not required each season. To create a new account, visit the league homepage (http://www.hockeyclubfairbanks.com) and click the “Register” link in the top right corner.  You will be prompted to register for the upcoming season.  Select the "Registration for Parents" option where you will be prompted to either login (if your account already exists), or to Create a new account.  Once you have entered in your email, a confirmation email will be generated  Visit your email of choice and click on the verification link.  After verifying your email, create a password for your new account.  Complete the basic information screen and hit Submit.  Your personal profile has now been completed.


Step 2: Register Your Child
Once you have created your individual profile, it’s now time to register your child. First however, you'll need to register with USA Hockey for the upcoming season since registration with them is on an annual basis (visit USA Hockey or click the picture link to the right).  Now that you have your USA Hockey number ready to input, visit the HCF website in your web browser address bar (http://www.hockeyclubfairbanks.com) and select “Player Registration” from the drop down menu under "Register" in the main nav bar on the top of the page, just under the website banner. You will be prompted to select which season to register for.  Click the green "Register" button for the upcoming season next to the child you wish to register.  NOTE: If you do not see your child's name under your parent profile, select the "Add Child" button to complete the online registration for the upcoming season of a new child to your account.

Click HERE to register for the 2021/22 season.


Step 3: Paying Team Fees
 Once you have registered your child for the upcoming season (and from time to time when additional fees have been charged to your account via team managers), you will need to pay team fees online.  After you have logged into your account, click the "Pay Fees" link to access our secure portal for online payment of fees.  Complete your debit/credit card info and hit submit.  

This program is available to low-income families with children who want to play hockey in the recrational divisions (A and B). Scholarship funds in an amount up to 50% of the player’s total registration fees may be awarded based on financial need. The scholarship application can be found under the “Resources” tab under Forms HQ or by clicking here.

To access your account at anytime to update information or to make a payment on your account, simply login through the HCF website at anytime.  For further help with the registration process, email or reach out to any board member through the board member info page.  Good luck this season, and we’re glad you decided to play the best game on earth.