Recreational A (Tier 3)

The recreational side of youth hockey begins at 10U and is made up of B (Tier 4) and A (Tier 3) skill levels.

For players 12U and older, A team (Tier 3) tryouts are in August. The 10U A model is structured a little different in that there are no tryouts, but assessments to form those teams and we ask families to register in the 10U Recreational B Program.

A teams are a good balance between the Competitive and Tier 4 models for players who want a little more than the B program offers.


HCF fields tryout based A teams for 12U and older athletes.

There are no A tryouts for 10U families, they should sign up for the Recreational B program. We will create multiple 10UA teams based on 10U assessments.


The A (Tier 3) programs tend to start in September and run through the state tournaments in March.

The locations and dates for state tournaments change on a year to year basis.


HCF utilizes all the rinks in the FNSB for practices and games. This includes UAF Patty Center, Big Dipper Ice Arena, Carlson Center, Polar Ice Center and Fort Wainwright (when available).


These teams can expect to generally have two practices per week.

The A level teams do start practicing before B teams and are able to pick up additional ice throughout the season when available.


There will be typically be one game per week for the A level teams.

At the A level there is an increased expectation to travel to tournaments and potential out of town games.


Each A team is required to acquire two jersey sponsors. Those sponsorships help cover the cost of the jerseys for the team. One pair of socks is included in the player fees.


The player fee for A hockey varies by age: 12UA - $1250, 14UA and older - $1500. This fee covers practice, game ice, skill sessions, and the state tournament. For 14UA and older the fee includes one invitational tournament as well as pant covers.

Any additional expenses (team swag, tournament registrations, extra ice, etc.) must be covered by the team, either by sponsorship, fundraising or a cash call.

Skill Sessions

Skill sessions are optional skates for players to participate in who want more developmental opportunities. There are 15 of these during the season, typically on Sundays at the Polar Ice Center.

There are no additional costs for participating in these sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there goalie discounts?

No, at the tryout team levels (A and competitive) goalie fees are not reduced like they are in B hockey.

Are there girls teams?

At the 10U level yes, there is an A level team. At the 12U level due to the smaller number of female participants we are not always able to field 12UA girls teams, we take it on a year by year basis determined at tryouts. As our goal is to develop a strong competitive girls program we do look for ways to offer female participants developmental options if there is no 12UA team.

How can I help?

The strength of our program is the number of volunteers we have both on and off the ice but we can always use more. Please reach out to the Coaching Coordinator or Hockey Director if you are interested in helping. The more coaches we have on the ice or volunteers off the ice, the better the experience will be for the kids!


The Recreational A Team Program is for all players (boys and girls) from who wish to be considered for the A (Tier 3) teams this upcoming season. Each tryout consists of three skates and the fee is $50. Coaches for the A teams will be announced upon completion of the competitive team tryouts.

If you tried out for a Comp Team and were not selected, you will be provided with a registration code to attend the A Team tryouts for FREE.

Age specific tryout information is below (all ice times at the Big Dipper,):

•    12UA: 8/16 @ 5:30PM, 8/17 @12:15PM, 8/18 @ 2:45PM
•    14UA: 8/11 @ 11:45AM, 8/12 @ 5:30PM, 8/13 @ 5:30PM
•    16U/18UA: 8/12 @ 6:45PM, 8/13 @ 6:45PM, 8/16 @ 6:45PM

A LATE FEE of $25 will be applied to registrations received on the first day of tryouts or later. Additional team costs will be applied to your account if you are selected and placed on a team.

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