Competitive (mjr/mnr/Tier 2)

HCF strives to field competitive teams at the 10U-18U level annually. These teams participate in the Alaska State Hockey Association (ASHA) competitive league. They are geared towards the higher level player and the expectation placed upon families is greater. At the 10U and 12U level the teams are designated as either Minor or Major, whereas at 14U and older are National Bound Tier 2 teams. Starting at the 14U age, HCF hosts Tier 2 Girls Teams in addition to youth (these tryouts are in the spring).

Visit our YouTube channel for more videos explaining the different levels of hockey in Alaska.


We aim to field competitive teams from 10U through 18U annually. At 10U and 12U there may be one or two teams depending on the year.

At the 18U age that is dependent on the number of players who are able to compete at that level locally.


Tryouts for these competitive teams typically occur in early August. Once teams are formed the season will start depending on the age. Older teams will start skating in August whereas the younger teams in September.

The state tournaments for each are typically held in late/February though March depending on the age. National Bound teams (14U, 16U & 18U) are typically earlier.


HCF utilizes all the rinks in the FNSB for practices and games. This includes UAF Patty Center, Big Dipper Ice Arena, Carlson Center, Polar Ice Center and Fort Wainwright (when available).


HCF follows the American Developmental Model (ADM) when it comes to recommended ice sessions. This means that as players age more expectations are placed on them and a greater time commitment is expected.

Overall, competitive 10U players can expect 2/3 practices per week and that number increases as players age.


League games will be determined at the scheduling meeting in August or September. ASHA league requires a home and away game between all teams in their respective competitive league.

During non league game weekends, teams may schedule games against other competition.


Each team is required to obtain two jersey sponsors to cover the cost of the jerseys.

Players on these teams will receive two pairs of socks, a home and away.


Costs for competitive teams are on a team by team basis. With the increased travel, games, ice time and gear these team costs will vary with each age group.

Families can expect monthly cash calls throughout the season and the total costs to be more than recreational hockey.


Fundraising and/or sponsorships are available on a team or per player basis. These efforts can help families cover the expenses at this level of play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Major, Minor, Tier 2, AA hockey? There are so many names I'm confused!?!

That is perfectly normal. Names will change depending on the location and how long you've been around the game. Rather than trying to type it out here, we recommend you visit YouTube and watch this video.

Is there fundraising available for competitive teams?

Yes, there are both team, and individual fundraisers available to families at this level. Individual sponsor forms can be found on the HCF website here.

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