Player Habits

Habits for Offense

Puck Retrieval

  • Get to puck quickly
  • Look over both shoulders
  • Be deceptive
  • Surround puck on forehand or backhand

Carrying the Puck

  • Head up
  • Hands away from body
  • Accelerate with puck
  • Avoid over handling

Puck Protection

  • Keep body between opponent and the puck
  • Use body to shield hands and stick
  • Look over your shoulder to survey for teammates

One on One Attack

  • Head up, read gap/space
  • Attack feet and stick of defender
  • Use speed

Puck Support

  • Position to find a seam or open lane for pass
  • Use proper spacing
  • Use timing, not too early…not too late

Stop at the Net

  • Stay in scoring area
  • Keep stick down and be ready for a pass or rebound

Pivot and Face Puck

  • Face puck carrier as much as possible
  • Stick down, always ready for pass

Direct Passes

  • Use deception, look off passes
  • Sweep puck for spin
  • Pass hard
  • Collect pass using stick, feet or hands

Indirect Passes

  • Play pool: angle onto boards = angle off boards
  • Use touch, not too hard…not too soft
  • Place puck into area for teammate to skate into
  • Aerial pass

Give and Go

  • Pass to teammate and move to open ice
  • Find new seem or passing lane
  • Always be an outlet option
  • Very effective against zone coverage

Creating Time and Space

  • Use delays and cutback with your skating
  • Use quiet zones, soft spots
  • Use puck protection tactics

Habits for Defense

Face the Puck

  • Don’t turn your back to the play
  • Be ready for transition to offense

Head on a Swivel

  • Continually look over your shoulders
  • Know where opponents and teammates are located
  • See the whole ice

Stick Positioning

  • Keep Stick on the ice to cover passing lanes
  • Play “stick on puck’ to increase your area of influence
  • Extend stick with elbow to limit lunging and stay balanced

Gap Control

  • Limit your opponents time by reducing his or her space
  • Use skating skills to maintain defensive side body position

Angling and Body Position

  • Protect middle ice first, angle inside out
  • Use skating skills to maintain defensive side body position

Defensive Support

  • Provide assistance to teammates on the defensive side of the puck
  • Always be ready to help in case of breakdowns

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